About us

We are survivors and bereaved families of the Grenfell Tower Fire, founded in the days after the fire, working together for our community and campaigning for truth, justice and change. We are a registered family association and have an elected committee that seeks to represent survivors and bereaved families.

On the night of the 14 June 2017 our lives changed forever. 72 innocent men women and children died at the hands of corruption and greed. 

To this day, we are still fighting for justice. We are still fighting for change. It's a battle because we are fighting against a Government, a system, institutions and companies that do not care.

We are fighting for criminal charges and justice for our 72 loved ones who lost their lives. Grenfell was no accident, every single death could and should have been avoided. Those responsible must be brought to justice.

For the Government and all responsible parties to implement the Inquiry recommendations from both the Phase 1 and Phase 2 reports, to ensure another Grenfell never happens again.

For Social Housing culture to change. For residents to be treated with respect, their complaints heard, for everyone to be safe in their homes.

For Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans for disabled residents, to ensure they are able to leave their homes safely in an emergency.

For INQUEST'S National oversight mechanism to mandate recommendations from Inquiries becoming law.

For the Hillsborough Law to fix the broken justice system and ensure bereaved and survivors are properly supported.

Grenfell is not restricted to us. Whilst it took 72 of our dear ones away from us, scarred us mentally and physically and broke our community. It also exposed corruption. It exposed failure, it exposed indifference to us.

Our fight is your fight.

We all have a responsibility to hold them to account. We all have a need to come together and protect each other from this happening to anyone else.

Stand united with us. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, sign up to our newsletter and keep in touch with our campaign. Together we are stronger.

Our 72 remain forever in our hearts.

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We need your support more than ever to keep Grenfell in hearts and minds as we work for justice and change. Support us by adding your voice to ours.