5th Anniversary of the Grenfell Tower Fire

Posted on June 14th, 2022

On 14 June 2022 we came together for the 5th anniversary of the Grenfell Tower Fire. We held a multi-faith service at the base of the Tower for bereaved, survivors, the local community and the wider public.

Following the service, 15,000 people joined the Silent Walk around the local area, which finished at the base of the Tower for the first time. We walked in silence to remember the 72 lives lost and to let those responsible know that we will not stop until justice is served. The walk concluded with a number of speeches and the call for Justice.

The event finished with the Tower surrounded by 72 beams of light projected into the sky.

Thank you to all those who came down and stood with us in solidarity, to those who sent messages and supported from afar. We are so grateful for your ongoing support.

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