Grenfell Tower 6th Anniversary

Posted on July 27th, 2023

Six years since the fire. That’s 72 months since 72 people were killed, a month for every life lost.

72 people needlessly perished.

18 children with bright futures vanished in one horrific night.

A night that is a result of years of corruption at the highest levels, years of dehumanising the working class, labelling us, painting us as the problem. Years of suppressing our voices, our concerns, our truth. Years of brainwashing us to feel inferior, to feel not worthy, to feel indebted.

Grenfell was no accident.

Every single death could and should have been avoided.

The people put in place to protect us, killed them.

Regulations that were put in place for the safety of the public were allowed to be manipulated by companies to sell their products.

Politicians taking bribes in broad daylight and tell us it’s called lobbying.

Grenfell was no accident.

Grenfell was expected. They knew it was only a matter of time before a catastrophe would happen.

But the Government continued their deregulation and politicians continued pocketing corporate money.

RBKC and management organisations silenced any voices asking for our rights.

They favoured money but power above all else.

Our families died because of their greed.

What this all means, is what we’ve always known.

The scales of our justice system are broken. Knowing it will not bring those truly responsible to justice is another layer of suffering we’re burdened with every day.

How can it be just when the police allow the suspects to hand in their own evidence and then act surprised when the Inquiry found that evidence has been destroyed.

This same system has treated us like criminals for six years. We’ve been abused, racially and religiously profiled, discriminated against. Whilst the killers prosper and roam free.

We have a two tiered justice system that prevents those with money and power from being held accountable. A class above the law and everyone else beneath it. One class rewarded for their crimes and another punished for its pain.

You can’t heal from something like this. Losing loved ones in the way we did is unfathomable but knowing those responsible will never be held to account is unbearable.

This is why we stand here, six years on with no justice. Why justice for people from our class and communities never prevails.

Anyone who witnessed the fire that night would think that Grenfell would have been the catalyst for change.

The stark reality is that for the last six years we’ve had to fight every step of the way

We’ve seen the local authority revert back to its old ways.

A system which denied us and our children adequate health monitoring and checks.

Ambulance chasers feeding off our misery profiting whilst expecting a pat on the back to say well done.

A police force suspecting us even on the night of the fire instead of pursuing the real criminals.

All because we simply have a Government who just doesn't care.

Grenfell is not restricted to us. Yes it took 72 of our dear ones away from us. Yes it scarred us mentally and physically. Yes it broke our community.

But it also exposed corruption. It exposed failure, it exposed indifference to us, our fight is your fight.

We all have a responsibility to hold them to account. We all have a need to come together and protect each other from this happening to anyone else.

We will stand United in the face of division. We will keep going even when we’re told it’s over. We will expose all the agents of chaos trying to derail us.

Grenfell has made us stronger as individuals but also as a community.

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6.5 Anniversary Silent Walk Grenfell 6th Anniversary: 72 months since 72 lost their lives.

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