Ulster Rugby cuts ties with Kingspan

Posted on January 17th, 2024

On Ulster Rugby’s announcement to end their sponsorship with Kingspan, Grenfell United, bereaved families and survivors group said:

Ulster Rugby has not linked this decision to Grenfell, but we know the truth.

We first approached Ulster Rugby in 2020 asking for a meeting to discuss Kingspan’s role in the Grenfell Tower Fire. CEO Jonny Petrie and his team sat on this request, choosing the optimal moment to meet with us a year later, months before the deal’s contract was up.

In this meeting, we shared a document pulled from the Public Inquiry evidencing how Kingspan manipulated fire tests and lied about the combustibility of their products, threatening to “sue the arse off” anyone who raised concerns.

This same document was shared with Mercedes F1 after the announcement of their new deal with Kingspan in December 2021. Three days later, Toto Wollf decided to cut all ties.

Not only did Ulster Rugby disregard this information, but in July 2023, Johnny Petrie announced a new deal with Kingpsan.

Now, months away from the publication of the Phase Two report, which will document Kingspan’s and others' roles, and the Judge’s recommendations, Ulster Rugby announces their decision to cut ties. This is no coincidence. But instead a decision to protect their reputation before Kingspan is exposed for their part in the deaths of 72 people.

This is not a moral decision. This is a calculated, strategic move centered around money. They have raked in the profits of their partnership, held on for as long as they can, and now they think they can walk away with their hands clean.

But, by not making a stand, by continuing to partner with Kingspan whilst knowing the evidence, we believe Ulster Rugby has been complicit in a system that killed 72 innocent people.

This partnership has sickened us for the past 6.5 years. It has served as yet another example of people choosing profit over human life.

Thank you to all our supporters, particularly those in Northern Ireland and the fans of the club who stood by us throughout this campaign, your support kept us going.

The Public Inquiry Phase 2 Report has been delayed again 6.5 Anniversary Silent Walk

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